Loyal Lobos Explores Uninhibited Love with New Single / Video “Whatever It Is”

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Cueing us in on an explorative journey, Los Angeles based artist Loyal Lobos rejects the throes of love in their new single, “Whatever it is,” instead choosing to go with a path of less resistance in a delightfully unconventional way.

The brainchild of musician Andrea Silva, Loyal Lobos music blurs genres, mixing traditional Latin sounds from Silva’s native Colombia, American pop, shoegaze and folk.

“Whatever it is” is filled with rich pop hooks, Silva singing with a relaxed confidence as she sings about an unorthodox love experience. This encounter seems to have caught the singer off guard, but her feelings grown, and the song builds in momentum like the sound of a rushing river that finds release via an impressive waterfall.

“‘Whatever It Is’ is a song about a new love,” Silva says. “Meeting someone when you’re in the dark and learning to accept and experience new things without a traditional romantic narrative, and finding new excitement in things that seemed dull before.” 

Incorporating her heritage into the music video, Silva’s song gets added layers of depth as we see depictions of a Colombian jungle and Silva riding horses, something, she notes, that she has done all her life.

“I wanted to portray my relationship with horses as a sign of freedom and power through a journey,” Silva says. “We shot the outdoor scenes in Victoria, Caldas, pulling favors from all the neighbors who ended up as production assistants. We also got to shoot at El Teatro de La Candelaria in Bogotá with the help and artistic direction of Simón Uribe.”

Shots of Silva riding through the jungle or poised atop a lush display of fake fruit and other miscellaneous items, the music video blends together emotions and expressions of love, depicting a person, headstrong, yet still somewhat grounded, letting go in a new relationship while still feeling powerful and confident.

Silva’s new single also comes with the announcement of Loyal Lobos debut album, ‘Everlasting’ (produced by Evan Voytas) out August 7 via AWAL. Feeling a little stuck between two identities (being American and having Colombian roots), Silva notes instead of trying to fit into something already established, she has carved out her own space with this debut, blurring genres and singing in both English and Spanish.

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Words: Patricia Sanchez

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