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Since the announcement of her upcoming new album, ‘New Truth,’ musician Jenny O has released a new single every two weeks, dropping most recently “Even If I Tried,” a 60s pop adjacent banger that revels in its newfound confidence as the single captures the sentiment of a person whose finally said “F You” to all the nonsense and toxic people.

Finding the perfect balance between an upbeat melody and more serious lyrics, “Even If I Tried” sounds at first like a tune that could have been pulled right from the feel good catalog of a California coast band straight out of the 1960s. Dig deeper, and this psychedelic pop song unfolds as it follows one person’s realization that the people letting her down will never change.

“Everyone knows somebody who is always a critic and just won’t listen. Often those with the strongest opinions have the most uninspired lives,” O says. “People exist this way for years, decades, generations. Fortunately, you can ditch them for supportive friends and a life of curiosity and fun.”

Jenny O’s latest string of singles and subsequent upcoming album come after a label change — O is now with Mama Bird Recording Co. — and since the loss of hearing in one ear. Personal and uninhibited, O notes she is back doing what she loves as she continues to push her music to new places.

“New Truth is coming to terms with my deaf ear,” shares Jenny O. “It’s any new accepted reality. It’s the hilarious way I wore my hair for a week before cutting it away from my face,” says O. The songs are as personal as ever–continued misadventures of an introvert in Hollywood. I think it’s relatable – heartache and epiphany – I hope people like it?”

Jenny O’s ‘New Truth’ drops June 19. For more info on her music, visit Jenny O’s website or follow her on social media.

Words: Patricia Sanchez

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