New Music Video: talker let’s us in her “Personal Space”

Talker Celeste
Talker — Photo by credit is Kristina Dawn

Shot entirely in quarantine under social distancing measures, Los Angeles singer-songwriter talker, née Celeste Tauchar, recently shared the video for her song “Personal Space.” Directed and produced by Sean Berger and co-produced by Tauchar, the focus of video was to check in with the music community at large and to let them know they’re not alone in these times of uncertainty.

“As we’re stuck alone with the chaos in our minds more than ever, I hope this video reminds you that you’re not alone when your mind starts to spiral.” ~ Talker

We caught up with talker a couple weeks ago and chatted with her about her new video, the covid-19 quarantine and more. Check it out below.

1. In three words, describe how you’ve been feeling during this quarantine

Existential, refocused, intentional.

2. Other than creating music, what hobbies / activities have you been exploring?

I’ve been really trying to give myself the space to just exist, and allow my mind to wander the way I used to when I was younger. I think that’s our natural state of existence but we don’t really allow ourselves to do so anymore. I’ve been following my creative needs and instincts as they come, which has been cool – I’ve been painting a bit, meditating everyday, and trying to get outside as much as I can. I went backpacking a few weeks ago, and I think that’s gonna be the move this summer. You totally forget the current state of the world because there’s just no one around.

3. How have you been treating yo’ self during this quarantine?

Kind of hand in hand with that mental space, I’ve been trying to really not pressure myself to be too productive. Of course I’m still working on music and other work, but my biggest form of self care has just been trying to be easy on myself! That said, I did order a fancy face mask from cocokind and I have been ordering a lot of tacos from my local spot. There are some things you just need….like Mexican food.

4. What does your out-of-quarantine dream day look like?

I really, really just want to play music with my friends again. I would love to pack my band into our rehearsal space and play. And then maybe we can all like go out for beers and not worry about the consequences.

5. What shows have you been binging?

Omg…..too many honestly. Right now I’m crushing through that new Netflix show White Lines. It’s super addicting, and the beach shots of Ibiza are some serious eye candy right now lol. I just finished Hollywood, which was great despite having everything go right and work out perfectly. I guess that’s the point of revisionist history. My roommate and I have also been guilty-pleasure watching Desperate Housewives. I’m unashamed. I live for the drama.

6. Concerts and music festivals may not return in Los Angeles until 2021; and when they do, they will never quite be the same (at least until a vaccine is created): how does that make you feel?

Honestly, this just stresses me out thinking about it. I’m really sad. We all are. I love touring and playing shows more than any other aspect of being a musician. Live streaming doesn’t cut it. But I do think that if you want to stay afloat and keep building your career, you have to adapt. I’m going to record and release more music, especially as we’re able to see people one on one again (even if we’re distanced) in the relatively-near future. And even though live streaming kinda sucks, I’m going to try to build a new streaming setup where I can get as close to a live show as you can get through a grainy screen.

I think it’s really cool how the community has come together more than ever right now. People are down to collaborate on Zoom, down to chat on Instagram live, and down to just help each other out and share each others’ work. I think everyone really just wants that connection and everybody’s down to try whatever to make it happen. I hope that mentality stays even as we eventually return to normalcy. 

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