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Nicolas Muñoz, AKA Boy Pablo may be stuck in quarantine like the rest of us, but rather than write about his current situation, he’s decided to work chewing up the experiences that have made up his 21-years of life in his debut album “Wachito Rico,” released on 777 Music.

Simple and to the point, but with a youthful dreamer’s perspective, Boy Pablo rolls through romantic musings, missed connections and all the delicate moments (good and bad) that make up love.

A play on the affectionate Spanish language nickname for someone handsome, “Wachito Rico” is an album that finds comfort in dispersing warm rays of charm, regardless of what the song is actually about, and weaving in whispers of Pablo’s Latin American heritage.

Musically, the album dances across many genres from a retro-tinged electro to sun-drenched pop. Breezy and never in a hurry, Pablo even incorporates disco hooks that tie everything together like a sharp but elegant turn.

All these sparkling elements come together best on the album’s title track where Afro Latin beats, Cumbia-like melodies, disco hooks and fun electric sounds all merge with echoey vocals to create something that sounds delightfully familiar, but hard to place where you know it from.

Partly conceptual and partly auto-biographical, “Wachito Rico” is like an extension of Muñoz’s own thoughts and life. It’s an album that explores one’s past while also adding an extension to one’s own curiosity.

Boy Pablo will be touring next spring in Europe. For more on his music or tour dates, make sure to follow him on social media and visit his website.

Words: Patti Sanchez