Still Corners’ New Single “Crying” Will Soothe Your Sorrow

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As one of the stalwart dream folk outfits of the blog heyday, Still Corners are still going strong. The band, primarily comprised of duo Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes, has just announced their fifth studio album, The Last Exit, along with some morsels to satiate fans until its release January 22 via Wrecking Light Records. “Crying,” the second single from the record, will soothe anyone’s sorrow. Pre-order The Last Exit on special clear vinyl or any of Still Corners’ available merch bundles here

“The only constant in life is change, this song is about a breakup during a difficult time but it’s also about coping with a fast-moving, uncertain world. Our video shows the immense universe and inevitable change of the seasons. Everything is in flux and that’s the only thing that is certain.” – Tessa Murray

The Last Exit was finished after the onset of the pandemic. Before they were forced to cancel their tour and video shoots, the band thought their next album was done, even having laid out a trilogy of songs over several years. “The Trip” opened Strange Pleasures, the band’s sophomore record; then “The Message” appeared on their 2018 LP; and it will all come to a close with “The Last Exit.” But, after some quarantine writing sessions, the band realized they had more to say on their forthcoming release. 

Still Corners
The Last Exit album art

“Crying” was one of the additions; as Murray reveals in a press release, the track is a breakup song, but couched within it is a comforting notion: the world is so much bigger than us. Very few lyrics populate this sunny track, allowing sharp whistling accompaniment to fill the void. It is an ironically uplifting tune: acoustic strumming and a simple keyboard melody provide consolation for anyone who needs it. 

Pre-order The Last Exit on clear vinyl, or grab yourself a shirt with the album art printed across the front, here. Follow Still Corners on Instagram and Twitter.

by: Zoë Elaine

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