Rachel Goodrich Debuts New Album ‘ibba jibba’ On the Final Day of 2020

Rachel Goodrich ibba jibba

Ending a year such as 2020 may have seemed surreal, but, LA-based by way of Miami artist Rachel Goodrich did so in style with her new album ‘ibba jibba.’

Laying down springy pop beats and slicing up lyrics like freshly ground bud in the grinder, Goodrich’s latest album touches on themes of inhibition, stagnation and reflection.

Goodrich’s smooth vocals blend perfectly with the song’s laid back indie sound and bubble gum pop interludes. Combining aloof vocals with such an enticing backdrop, the album comes together like melted wax pressed into a uniform shape.


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Whether she’s depicting scenes of glamor and pretend gauche in the Hollywood Hills or feeling inspiration and freedom from a Malibu drive, Rachel Goodrich flips sentiments and stereotypes on their head while also calling them out for what they are (good or bad).

Focusing on the things that get her though, and with plenty of references to cannabis and other coping paraphernalia, it’s a perfect musical companion for the thoughtful stoner; you know the kind, the one who wistfully watches their smoke float into the air after each puff.

Fun, fresh and with content that is both evergreen and timely, ‘ibba jibba’ is a great first step into another unpredictable year — like Goodman says, at least we haven’t forgotten how to get high!

While 2020 was a mixed bag to say the least thanks to pandemics, shelter-in-place orders, social unrest, financial instability, etc. etc., Goodrich takes inspiration from the social calamity we’ve found ourselves in while also capturing a vibe that refuses to give into the malady.

For more on Rachel Goodrich or her music, visit her website or follow her on social media.

Words: Patti Sanchez

Stream: Rachel Goodrich “ibba jibba”

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