Gallant pines for a “Relapse” in the video for new single

Gallant pines for a "Relapse" in the video for new single

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Gallant has shared a new single off his upcoming record Neptune with the release of “Relapse.” Paired with a lo-fi lyric video that scribbles Gallant‘s melancholic songwriting across a shifting, nostalgia-laden backdrop of picturesque views, the single is a slow burn of soulful textures and moody beats.

Caught between the ebb and flow of Gallant’s introspective mulling and the gravitational pull of that titular relapse, the track also signifies an important moment for the artist’s career as it was written just before the split with his former label. “Relapse” is as much about the pull we resist as it is about that secret desire to just let go, to return to the “way things used to be.”


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“Relapse” is the second single to be released for Neptune, following the R&B-throwback “Comeback.” Gallant‘s debut album Ology earned him a Grammy nomination and has since put him on the map a phenomenally and diversely talented singer/songwriter, blurring the lines between genres in the extravagant ways.

“I wanted to be able to escape to something that felt like the middle of summer break when school’s out and you don’t have to keep track of the days anymore. Something you can keep going back to that seems like it was made for you and only you. Like the safety of that one song you found buried deep in the tracklist of that new album you just got. Something that won’t ever leave you and is finally fully yours.”

Watch the video for Gallant’s new single “Relapse” below!

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