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This time last year, Durand Jones and the Indications and Y La Bamba were on a tour that fortified their friendship. It was their last hurrah for many reasons, and with their new collaboration, they have chosen to celebrate the time they had rather than bury it in the mess that 2020 left us. Both artists joined forces in the studio to add a Spanish-language verse to a Durand Jones original that has already been established as a Chicano anthem. Listen to the new “Cruisin’ to the Parque,” featuring Y La Bamba, below. 


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The original “Cruising to the Park” was released by the Indications as an independent single in 2019, only a few months after the band’s sophomore LP, American Love Call. Its energy is malleable, making it perfect for a Sunday drive, a romantic night in, or a nap on the beach. As their most recent release, I can only imagine how much of a role the track had in their winter 2020 live show. 

Whether it was the crux of the show or not, the song clearly took on a life of its own, earning a re-recording with Luz Elena Mendoza, the artist behind Y La Bamba. Her style is a perfect fit with that of the Indications, and the verse she shares is more beautiful than it needed to be. The new rendition, with a new title to reflect Mendoza’s contribution, dusts the scene in gold and rose petals for a gilded portrait of love. 

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by: Zoë Elaine

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