Tempest Shares New Single “Sorry to Say”
Photo Credit: Cloudy Tots

It’s never easy when an otherwise good relationship fizzles out because one person’s feelings change. Tempest musician Tatiyana Bello finds a way to be brutally honest, yet not heartless in her break up song “Sorry to Say.”

With a cinematic music video that follows a relationship quietly growing apart, Tempest sings about the realization of her feelings and how she has to be honest even if that means breaking someone’s heart. All the things that she wanted before don’t really make a difference; the relationship has to end.

Based on reality, the song captures the uneasy sentiment of a person about to break off a relationship and trying not to be cruel about it. While the song’s lyrics are a bit of a bummer, they are delivered via a smooth, soulful package as Tempest flows through the song effortlessly among a rich beat.

While 2020 brought its disappointment, such as missing her first Coachella slot after the festival was cancelled, Tempest also used that time to cultivate her sound. Growing up in Long Beach, Tempest builds off an array of different musical influences thanks to her multi-cultural parents in addition to her father having been a DJ.

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Words: Patti Sanchez

Watch Tempest’s Video for ‘Sorry To Say’

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