LP’s riveting new single and video “One Last Time” feat. Jaime King displays the ultimate heartbreak of a romantic tragedy

lp one last time

We all know the talented LP from her stunning, impassioned hits like “Into The Wild” and “Lost On You”.  Now the singer has unveiled her sparkling new single “One Last Time” with accompanying cinematic visuals. The song possesses a soft affection while also exuding a power so fiery and fierce, you can’t help but immediately be moved. Her soaring choruses paired with the gentle elegancy of her sentimental verses create the ideal anthem of how incredible, but also how swift relationships can be.  

The entrancing video was filmed at the historic Paramour Estate in Los Angeles and showcases Stephen “Norswrthy” Schofield’s directorial debut. Schofield is most recognized for the work his photo duo LOWFIELD created with Halsey, Pharrell, Taylor Swift as well as others. LP wrote “One Last Time” on her many travels such as Athens, Greece, and San José del Cabo, México. Schofield seamlessly captures that scenic European opulence throughout. Within the exquisite visuals we are reminded that sometimes the most beautiful things can be snatched from us at any moment. Schofield reveals, “The overarching theme echoes a fragility of life sentiment, and that in the blink of an eye everything can be taken away. Personally, one of the hardest things to swallow regarding tragedy is that in the end, life goes on. The party continues. The only thing that changes is that you—we—are all called at some point to leave that ‘party,’ regardless of if we are ready to go or not.” 


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Starring the notable actress and friend of LP Jaime King, you witness the intimate, tenderness between the two as they share in loving moments alone as well as time spent with friends. With the vintage 20s esthetic and the dim lighting of candle-lit scenes the video radiates a warmth that continuously pulls you in. By the end of the offering when men in black escort out LP, you really feel that sinking emotion of loss especially when King turns around and realizes she is gone. This perfectly conveys the message of fleeting love with so much intensity and drama adding to an already captivating video.

Words: Chloe Robinson

Keep up with LP via her Insta and Website. Check out our photos and review from LP’s concert at the El Rey Theatre.

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