Grimy Goods Celebrates 13 years with Mini Documentary featuring commentary from Los Angeles music community

Grimy Goods Celebrates 13 years with Mini Documentary

When I watched this video this morning, I was in tears; the kinds words from artists in our music community, who over the years have grown to be people I admire and proudly call friends. Happy tears! That’s what I tell my toddler when she sees mama cry over her growth from baby to little girl, and most importantly, her growth as a little human with such a big heart (and a big personality too). This morning I felt that same warmth of happy tears running down my cheeks as I watched this beautiful celebratory video in honor of Grimy Goods’ 13-year anniversary.

I am so moved. Your kind words have filled my heart. I feel seen.

Thank you to my longtime reader (who I also married 5 years ago). Bryan, you’re my biggest supporter (next to my mama!). This video that you created is one of the most beautiful gifts. I mean, our kid is the greatest gift of all, but this mini Grimy Goods documentary gives that little Victoria Bowie a run for her money! Thank you for this, and for always supporting me in every way possible, especially with all my rants and ideas for Grimy Goods.

Much love and many thanks to the featured musicians / bands: The Dead Ships, Death Valley Girls, Holy Wars, KERA, Spare Parts for Broken Hearts, Joy Downer and Torii Wolf. Wow. Those words really touched my heart, and I hope you all know I feel the same way about you and the art you create and endlessly share with everyone.

Our daughter Victoria Bowie at her first concert

A New Grimy Path

With all that said, I feel my journey is a little different from my fellow music bloggers, and maybe that’s why there is so much emotion and way too many feelings to handle when I watch the aforementioned video! I mean, It was always very different because I was (am) a woman. I was a first-generation Latina working in very male dominated and at times toxic, industry. While I can go on-and-on about how that affected me, this isn’t what this piece is about.

My journey was especially different from my fellow career music bloggers because I birthed a child which completely uprooted my life and replaced my love for my first baby, Grimy Goods. Since becoming a mother, it has been a constant struggle to keep up with this site that provides such a positive space for artists to be seen and heard. There’s been so many changes within me as well, especially loss of identity.

With Grimy Goods, I was Grimy Goods. With my newfound life as a mother, I struggled hard with my identity; battling to be my daughter’s full-time mama, while holding on and continuing to grow Grimy Goods and to still be a part of the live Los Angeles music community.

But we here, fam! We here.

I have come to terms with all the changes motherhood has served me, both good and not so good. If anything, it has taught me there needs to be more support for women. That’s part of the reason why I recently launched Sonic Motherhood (which is in the works of becoming a podcast).

While I welcome and honor the mother I have become, today I celebrate my first lovechild.

rock n ride grimy goods the satellite
One of Grimy Goods’ Rock ‘n’ Ride events at The Satellite

13 fucking years! That’s how long Grimy Goods has been around. It honesty blows my mind that I committed to this labor of love for so long. On April 2, 2008, after watching The Black Keys and Jay Reatard (RIP) at the Glass House, I published my first show review.

This blog has had many faces: I mean, look at this (2008)and then this. Oooof.

While my entrance into motherhood put a lot of my Grimy life and growth on hold, I am so happy I stuck with it. And let me tell you; this new phase of my life has taught me so much, especially how to survive, pivot and innovate. I can’t wait to set the plans and growth in motion that I have for Grimy Goods. It’s been years of culmination, stagnant by raising a good human, while fighting for justice and equality during the past 4 years of White House hell — and then experiencing the literal punch in the gut that was the COVID-19 pandemic. We all experienced great hardship in 2020, but the rebirth has begun.

I can’t wait to set the stars in motion and watch them align in a way that will take Grimy Goods and the artists we support to the moon! There’s so many new directions Grimy Goods will be taking, and it’s all in an effort to bring more visibility and opportunities for the most underrepresented artists and bands.

Thank you endlessly to my team of photographers and writers, many who have been with me since the early days Grimy Goods. Thank you for sharing the same love of discovering new bands and experiencing the beautiful rush that is live music. Thank you for always being down with the music and shows I assign for coverage, and thank you for also turning me on to so many great new acts. Also, thank you for being patient with me during my transition to motherhood. You guys are seriously family: Farah Sosa, Kim Zsebe, Steven Ward, Zoe Elaine Brown, Patti Sanchez, Anne-Marie Schiefer, Danielle Gornbein, Casey Lewis aka Ceethreedom, Wes Marsala and my longtime righthand badass that moved on a few years ago, Emily Saex. Thank you to all that have graced the pages: past, present and future.

Sandra Burciaga Olinger
Founder / Owner
Grimy Goods

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