Tashaki Miyaki  band photo for new song “I Feel Fine”

For those that are fans of shows like Vampire Diaries and What We Do in the Shadows, shoegaze trio Tashaki Miyaki’s new visuals for “I Feel Fine” possess all that same moody, gothic feels. An ode to their favorite vampire films such as A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night and Only Lovers Left Alive they imagine those vampires that died in the 50s and are still wearing those same clothes. With a dark vintage esthetic, the charming yet seductive visuals are a true joy to watch. The video was shot in East Los Angeles and directed by lead vocalist Paige Stark.

The track sonically matches the message of discontent seamlessly with its grungy soundscapes and melancholy vocals. Stark admits, “I was inspired by the emotion of the Replacements song ‘Unsatisfied’ and wanted to write my own ode to dissatisfaction. I always say I’m fine when it’s quite the contrary, so I started there and got more and more specific with each verse.” She wrote the song at the beginning of the pandemic and it could not be more fitting for what we are all feeling.

Tashaki Miyaki consists of Paige Stark (vocals/drums) Luke Paquin (guitar) and Sandi Denton (bass/backing vocals). Their music is deeply, intimate, facing uncomfortable feelings head on. Exuding an hypnotic, dreamy essence listeners are lulled in by the haunting tones. “I Feel Fine” has that same soft, eerie sound. The track is off the threesome’s upcoming album Castaway that focuses on love’s many trials, but still finds optimism in the complexities of relationships. Castaway is due July 2 on Metropolis Records

Words: Chloe Robinson

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