Hot Artist Alert: BRICK!’s new single “The Start” captures a longing to go back to where it all began

BRICK!’s new single “The Start” captures a longing to go back to where it all began
photo credit: Keith Oshiro

24-year old artist, producer and DJ, BRICK!, unleashes his debut single “The Start”. The colorful hip-hop treat stuns with laid-back beats and raw passionate vocals. His smooth tone soars with a uniquely organic quality, singing of the excitement felt when starting something new. Many of us relate to yearning for that wondrous feeling that comes from embarking on a new path. BRICK! confides, “This song represents a new life cycle to me. When I made it, I teleported to a couple years in the future and imagined the song itself making me feel nostalgic about what’s going on right now. It’s a time capsule for me and a transparent expression of how my love of starting with someone new…or something new. The start of anything is almost always the part you’ll never forget.”

The enticing visuals tell a story of a broken relationship. With continuous flashbacks to the partnership’s beginnings, you see just how good things were at the start. With pink sunsets and beautiful beach settings, the video’s relaxing vibe juxtaposes tense emotions seen throughout.


The Los Angeles native first splashed onto the music scene as a songwriter and producer for musical heavy hitters Baby Keem and Travis Scott. He was also a creative director for artists such as Alessia Cara and Kehlani. Cultivating his own creative pursuits on the side, the talent has finally put his masterful work on display. His beachy vibes in the video are only fitting as he is a devoted surfer. BRICK! is the founder of Black Sand. This surf and arts organization is dedicated to protecting and celebrating diverse surfers and creatives. The aim of his music is to represent black and Los Angeles surf culture. The single and accompanying video is a great illustration of that.

Words: Chloe Robinson

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