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Photo by Daniel Lang

Get your first taste of summer listening to the latest releases from Filipino/African-American artist, Jelani Aryeh. His music channels the sunny pop sensibilities of 2000s indie bands like The Shins or Beach House, even though he was born only one year prior to the release of Oh, Inverted World. Regardless, Aryeh has his own debut album coming this summer called I’ve Got Some Living To Do. His most recent single savors rest during overwhelming times; watch the video for “From These Heights” below. 

“I wrote this song around the time when George Floyd was killed, there were wildfires everywhere, and it genuinely felt like the world was coming to an end. It was a chaotic time and everything felt like it was in flux. I think that made me want to escape reality a bit.” – Jelani Aryeh

“This heart wants to retire,” the San Diego musician sings on “From These Heights,” calling for just a moment of respite. Dreamstruck guitars lead the charge ahead of sandy drums and background vocals that murmur under gentle distortion. Aryeh searches for a refuge from violence and natural disasters but the ultimate battle is within. Living through a pandemic has given us far too much time to dive inward, which can make the experience that much scarier, but Aryeh gives us strength through his hopeful indie pop. 

With two EPs under his belt, Aryeh’s debut album will be worth the anticipation. The young artist has grown considerably in the handful of years he’s been actively putting out music and I’ve Got Some Living To Do will be his proudest release to date. Aryeh told Alt Press that he hopes his music speaks to those who spend time with it; what it says isn’t so much his concern, since meaning comes from within. It’s just a matter of finding one’s honest reflection. 

by: Zoë Elaine

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