Broken Baby unveils their boisterous offering “Madonna’s a Dick”

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Los Angeles rowdy rock duo Broken Baby creates unapologetically bold tunes that hit hard. Through fierce vocals and jangly arrangements, their intense passion radiates. Now the twosome has unleashed the punchy new single “Madonna’s a Dick”. This edgy, electrifying track possesses that same courageous, charisma. The song was inspired by the 80s documentary “Heavy Metal Parking Lot,” where the zebra-print jumpsuit guy provides his opinion on Madonna. “He called her a dick. That stuck with me, how at every level in popular culture, women are met with systemic sexism and summarily dismissed. It made me think, if she were a guy, they’d probably give her a raise, she’d be the president of the United States, which became the chorus, ” member Amber Bollinger reveals. Featuring in-your-face instrumentation and vehement vocals oozing with attitude, she challenges gender stereotypes.


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The accompanying visuals are just as empowering as the song itself. Beginning with a misogynistic video director attempting to replace Bollinger, she abandons her original plan and decides to make the video herself. From there she bares it all, figuratively and literally. With this strong piece she takes the power back and becomes a voice for all those who been harassed and sexualized. At the video’s playful end, she is green faced as she winks and eats a chip.

The band is comprised of Bollinger (singer/songwriter/ producer) and Alex Dezen  (singer/songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist and producer). With the #metoo movement taking rise, more then ever it is important to speak out against these issues. Broken Baby is Bollinger’s way of channeling her frustration for all that is wrong in the world. Formerly an actor, she is aware of the deep humiliation of being commodified. The grungy group has become a remedy to that shame. “Madonna’s a Dick” is also being sold as a split 7” with Los Angeles outfit, Egg Drop Soup, set for release on June 25th.

Words: Chloe Robinson

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