Egg Drop Soup Releases New Single and Music Video Giving the Finger to Past Jobs and a Thumbs Up to Rock n’ Roll

Egg Drop Soup Releases New Single and Music Video Giving the Finger to Past Jobs and a Thumbs Up to Rock n’ Roll
Photo by Neto Velasco

While the music community waits to get back to live music and events, Egg Drop Soup continue to focus on making new music as they patiently wait to rock fans in person once again. In the meantime, their newest single, “Or Durves,” is yet another link in the band’s punk chain they have been forging ever since they formed. Originally recorded with the band’s previous drummer, Greg Settino, via Glassell Park‘s Golden Beat Recording Studio, the song’s central theme was sparked after lead vocals and bassist Sam Westervelt was fired from an office job 3 years ago.

The accompanying music video features an ensemble of humans and sock puppets with scenes of the band rocking out are combined with a sock puppet dramatization of the day Westervelt was fired. The sock puppet counterparts of the band listlessly go about their work day as the monotony drones on. Tired of the dull and restraining atmosphere, the puppets instead get together to play a show and break free of their doldrums, much to the dismay of the other sock puppets.


“I wrote the song the day after being fired from a terrible corporate job back in 2018, and the video is a reimagining of that day, re-enacted by puppets.“ Westervelt notes. “When I was searching for new jobs, the words “I got fired today because of my bad attitude” popped into my head.”

All the props for the video were created by Westervelt out of random items she had saved throughout the years. As for shooting and editing the music video, Westervelt noted she learned After Effects to do all the graphics and used a green screen to create the sock puppet world, and then she edited the video in Premiere. The result is a hilarious, whimsical middle finger to the corporate world set to the tune of pure punk rock. The DIY nature of the video is both a hallmark of the band and a unique element in the creation of their music, that also takes a less conventional approach.

“I can’t stress the word ‘challenge’ enough, but it was a good challenge which tested my patience, tenacity and follow-through,” Westervelt says. “There have been moments when I was like how the fuck am I gonna pull this off but I think it’s really important for artists to stretch ourselves and find the comfort in the uncomfortable.”

With Westervelt on bass and lead vocals, drummer Bailey Chapman and guitarist and backing vocalist Olivia Saperstein, the band is an all female cast of pure DIY rockers ready to divulge an honest and unabashed female perspective in their music. “Or Durves” will be available on a a 7″ vinyl split release alongside fellow L.A. band Broken Baby, due out in late June.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on their new release or upcoming news, make sure to visit the band’s website or follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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