Kevin Holliday is tired of the games on funky new single “Tennis Courts”

Kevin Holliday
Photo by Kbezabih

Brooklyn-based Kevin Holliday has shared “Tennis Courts,” a funky new track that serves as a preview for the release of his newest EP. Slick guitar lines meet rubbery beats on a song that bounces along to Holliday’s narration of the pursuit of a love interest that just isn’t emotionally available. The track is the second to be shared from Holliday’s yet-untitled EP, revealing just how apt he is at bending a variety of genres like R&B and alternative into his music to create something so exquisitely unique to his own sound and voice.


Holliday also sublimely balances all the chaotic emotions that emerge from such a situation — frustrated, annoyed, but still earnestly looking for a sign of reciprocation, he weaves in and out of both the expectations he has for himself (“I want muscles like Debo / Dance like Jackson Tito”) and the ones he has for his flaky lover. Tune it all to Holliday’s springy delivery that bounces breezily along with the song’s elastic beat and the inevitable outcome is “Tennis Courts” finding itself on repeat for the entirety of your summer.

“Tennis Courts” follows the previously released single “Lonely,” with Holliday’s next EP and the follow-up to 2019’s Space Cadet slated for release this summer.

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Listen to Kevin Holliday’s new song “Tennis Courts” below!

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