Energetic rock outfit Velvet Starlings unleash their single “Back Of The Train”

Velvet Starlings
Velvet Starlings — Photo: Skyler Barberio

60s-esque rowdy rock group Velvet Starlings’ new track “Back Of The Train” is a powerful, gritty tune. Detailing the rollercoaster ride of the music industry, it focuses on enjoying the journey while also making sacrifices along the way. Through grungy guitar riffs and compressed drums, the track hits hard with its raw and unpolished nature.  Singer/guitarist Christian Gisborne reveals, “I think it’s awful in the best way possible.” The visuals fit the song’s rebellious sound as the band members in animal masks chase Gisborne. The guys want whatever is inside his briefcase. Even by the end when he opens the case, we only see his reaction. It is still a mystery as to what is inside. It is like when chasing your dreams, you never know what incredible things you’ll discover.

Dia De Los Deftones

The Los Angeles rock ‘n’ roll band announce the forthcoming release of their debut album, Technicolour Shakedown out August 27. “Back Of The Train” is the first single from the offering. A follow up to 2019’s EP Love Everything, Love Everyone, it possesses the same bold, psychedelic sound. At just 18 it is amazing how much Gisborne has grasped. The young talent wrote, produced, engineered and mixed Technicolour Shakedown, all in the middle of his living room. Inspired by Jack White and Arctic Monkeys, that same vibrant, edgy flair shines through in Velvet Starlings’ masterful craftsmanship.

Words: Chloe Robinson

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Dia De Los Deftones
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