Geographer drops his lush new offering and trippy visuals

Geographer -- Photo by Monica Reyes
Geographer — Photo by Monica Reyes

In the heat of the moment, we have all said things we do not mean. Things we wish we could take back. In those situations, it can be hard for the person on the receiving end to not take it personally. If they only were to stop and say, do you really mean that? Then maybe they could see that it was just a thoughtless statement. Geographer’s new song “Hollow (Do You?)” is an indie-pop piece that speaks to that very idea. With glimmering arrangements and soft, silky vocals, it is easy to get lost in this dreamy tune. The accompanying psychedelic visuals with a scenic nature setting are the perfect enticing visual experience.


The Los Angeles-based artist Geographer aka Mike Deni creates wistful synth-pop music that is pure magic. This latest release co-written with the talented artist Evalyn possesses that same pensive air. Deni reveals, “This song is about all the bizarre things we say to the people we love the most, that we don’t even mean but in the moment we are so utterly convinced of their righteousness. Basically, it’s the great struggle of being a person. This song asks the question, which I wish people asked themselves much more frequently: do you really mean that?”

“Hollow (Do You?)” is off of Geographer’s forthcoming album, Down and Out in the Garden of Earthly Delights, out November 12th.

Words: Chloe Robinson

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