Vanessa Zamora’s latest song “OPTEMOS” featuring Caloncho reminds us to shift out of autopilot

Vanessa Zamora's latest song “OPTEMOS” featuring Caloncho reminds us to shift out of autopilot
Vanessa Zamora — Photo by Daniel Alanis

Many of us can relate to the feeling of waking up each day just going through the motions. A lot of us are not happy with where we are in our lives but don’t know how to change it. We use others’ love to make us feel whole and have lost the love we possessed for ourselves. Vanessa Zamora returns with her new single, “OPTEMOS” featuring Caloncho detailing that exact concept. Gentle guitar riffs paired with lush, silky harmonies create a soft, stunning release. Sung entirely in Spanish, the two voice a need to break away from the stagnancy in order to produce growth.


The video opens with Zamora in all white sitting down as she delicately strums her guitar. Eventually, she gets up and faces Caloncho as they do a graceful turn, ending up back to back. There is something so elegant about the visuals’ simplicity. The seamlessly choreographed offering is a representation of the intertwined nature of relationships and the chaos that can ensue. The piece was directed and photographed by Daniel Alanis and produced by Fer Casillas.

Zamora shares, “’OPTEMOS’ is a song that I wrote during a moment of uncertainty and disconnection with myself. Inspired by waking up every day on automatic pilot and believing the lie that I am happy in a place that does not allow me to grow. It is the assimilation that You are no longer happy and that every time that person says “my love” to you, it is as if you forgot to love yourself. ‘OPTEMOS’ tells the story of mutually learning how to let go and understanding that you have to move on from where you are in order to continue evolving.” 


The Mexican artist does it all.  A singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Vanessa Zamora is a multi-faceted talent. Her music takes listeners on a captivating journey fusing elements of pop and psychedelia. Her smooth, smoldering tone is light yet powerful and wraps you up in stirring emotion. Recently Zamora announced her Los Angeles show on Thursday, July 22 at La Santa with opening support from Chrisol.

Words: Chloe Robinson

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