Aroe Phoenix Uses Pain for Good on Bouncy New Single “Cansar en Paz”—Alba EP Drops Aug. 16

“Music is that kind of thing that continues to pour into your soul and never takes anything from you,” said Aroe Phoenix, a trilingual singer-songwriter based in L.A. Born in Los Angeles and raised for most of her adolescence in México, Aroe Phoenix’s precious voice adds to the mystique of her altogether fresh take on R&B. She has not slowed her output since her 2020 EP 8:18—in fact, Alba is Aroe Phoenix’s new EP, due out August 16. Her newest single, a bouncy and bright tune known as “Cansar en Paz,” will appear on the tracklist; listen below.


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“‘Cansar en Paz’ is a mix of the emotions that I have gone through when ending a relationship that meant a lot to me. The lightness of the beat with the depth of the lyrics worked in this song for me because it conveyed the way I felt when I finally leaned into the reality of the situation and gave it to God instead of trying to find answers to questions that were keeping me in a place of pain and victimization.” – Aroe Phoenix

The melody Aroe Phoenix follows during the pre-chorus of “Cansar en Paz” is just one of many hints at the dexterity of her singing voice. Recent singles have centered her gorgeous vocal performances more fully, especially “Beautiful Demise” which features deadly harmonies. But “Cansar” also benefits from the jagged edges of the sample that provides most of the bass in the track. It’s like you can see the seams of how this song came together and it only makes everything more compelling: that sample, the new Alba EP and honestly anything Aroe Phoenix has to offer. 

As emotional as the experience that inspired “Cansar en Paz” was, Aroe Phoenix also remarks her appreciation for the process. “I love that music gives me a way to use my pain for something good,” she told Grimy Goods via email. “It has helped heal me from childhood and through adulthood. Writing my own songs and singing has given me the ability to take risks, be vulnerable, and get creative.” 

Words by: Zoë Elaine

Expect Alba on August 16. Follow Aroe Phoenix on Spotify and Instagram

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