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Aroe Phoenix
Aroe Phoenix bathes her visceral introspections in her golden vocals on “Space+Space”

Aroe Phoenix has dropped a new single with the release of “Space+Space,” a glowing attempt at introspection that’s warmly lit by the Los Angeles artist’s warm vocal bathings. Over simmering beats and buoyantly spacious soundscapes filled with scattered cries and lush tones, Aroe Phoenix cuts through a thicket of personal epiphanies. “Leaving dreams just to play […]

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Hot Artist Alert: Aroe Phoenix Uses Pain for Good on Bouncy New Single “Cansar en Paz”—Alba EP Drops Aug. 16

“Music is that kind of thing that continues to pour into your soul and never takes anything from you,” said Aroe Phoenix, a trilingual singer-songwriter based in L.A. Born in Los Angeles and raised for most of her adolescence in México, Aroe Phoenix’s precious voice adds to the mystique of her altogether fresh take on […]

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