Aroe Phoenix Drops Dreamy R&B Single “Ideas In Mind” Accompanied by New Music Video

Aroe Phoneix 2023 press photo
Aroe Phoenix photo by Vanessa Marino

Bilingual singer-songwriter, Aroe Phoenix has released a visionary new track “Ideas In Mind“co-written with Daniel Garrido (Boogát). The lush single explores the power of inner strength and faith. With lyrics that tell a story of universal experience and learning the intricacies of love and loss — Phoenix’s vocals dazzle with a classic R&B sound.


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Despite the challenges faced, Aroe Phoenix remains steadfast with her beliefs, knowing that she will never truly be alone. While the slick production of “Ideas In Mind” keeps listeners moving and grooving, Phoenix’s voice and inspiring words serve as a reminder of the power of resilience, encouraging listeners to trust in themselves and to turn to the convictions that moves them forward in times of adversity.


On her Instagram, Phoenix shared a clip from an interview with Byron Gonzalez, where she revealed a few thoughts about her new single. She speaks to the need for freedom of expression in her Christian community. Through her music, she wants to speak about her faith “in a realistic and honest way” without feeling the need to fit an already-defined mold. Phoenix recognizes that there is a certain expectation within the community that music should sound a certain way; however, Aroe Phoenix is pushing back against that expectation by showing that music whether about one’s religous beliefs or not, can be expressed in many different ways. 

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Whether vibing to the beats or looking for comfort in the lyrics, the dreamy production and soulful vocals on “Ideas In Mind” create an emotional and uplifting atmosphere. Stream the new track and watch the just-relased video for Aroe Phoenix’s “Ideas In Mind” below.

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Words: Yuliana Olmedo

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