L.A. Duo Conditioner Drops Sauntering New Single with Psychedelic  Music Video
Photo by Jordan Stone

L.A. duo Conditioner are back with their third single of the year, “Terms of Surrender,” a sauntering pop song that swoons to the melody like a heart surrendering to love. The new single and accompanying music video also comes with the announcement of Conditioner’s self-titled debut album out September 24.

”Terms of Surrender” is an amalgam of uptempo melodies and genre blending sound. Never running away from itself, but always with a pep in its step, the single floats along loftily and depicts a person giving into forces bigger than themself. Building to a crescendo of synth before bubbling back down, the single is both a playful and serious reminder of the power love or other emotions can have on us.

“I  think the song is about two things at once – a celebration of acceptance of love, and a warning about fully losing touch with yourself,” band member Riley McCluskey note. “Really falling in love and building a life with someone requires that loss of independence – and that sacrifice is beautiful. But it can also be terrifying. This song tries to capture both sides of that in equal measure.”

With an animated music video depicting an individual wandering through an otherworldly landscape full of color and trippy imagery, the song is tinted with a lens of psychedelia as feelings sink in and become all powerful, consuming the individual harboring these deep emotions.

After releasing several singles over the years, Conditioner took some time to build their dream studio while also getting more familiar with producing and engineering music. The band’s new technical skills plus a love for music brings their new singles this year to greater heights with an excellent production sound as well as a fine blend of genres and influences.

“We love so much different stuff,” says bandmate Aaron Kirkbride. “If you’re not nerdy about music and listen to us, you’ll hear bright indie rock. For music geeks, there are so many easter eggs and little funny references that create the animating spirit that makes it very fun to make.”

Words: Patti Sanchez

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