Loyal Lobos reminisces over being the villain in other people's stories on new single "Hate My Face"
Photo by Elizabeth Miranda

Loyal Lobos, the moniker of L.A.-based and Colombian-born artist Andrea Silva, has shared a new single with the release of the glowing, folk-tinged anthem “Hate My Face.” Tucked beneath the shean of breezy acoustic-pop, Silva threads a poignant understanding that you can’t please everyone — so you might as well focus on yourself.


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Written about the ugly ending of a friendship that forces you to contend with the fact that sometimes you stay the villian in other people’s stories. Without cynicism or animosity, Silva searches for catharsis amidst the soaring jangle of guitars and bouyant pop sonics on the song’s chorus.

The new single follows the release of Loyal Lobos’ debut album Everlasting just last year, an album that has propelled the singer/songwriter at the forefront of modern indie-pop. From growing-up in the country-side of Bogotá to moving to the U.S. at the age of 18 to pursue her career as an artist, Silva has quickly established herself as an incisive voice for a generation.

“I realized the world is full of infinite realities and finally came to peace with being the bad guy in someone else’s story,” Andrea said of the inspiration behind the single. “‘Hate My Face’ is a slacker anthem for finally letting go of what others might think.”

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Listen to Loyal Lobos’ new single “Hate My Face” below!

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