Premiere: Molly Hanmer & The Midnight Tokers share bluesy-rock rumbler "Get Loose" off new album
Photo by Dave Clancy

LA-based Molly Hanmer & The Midnight Tokers have shared the title track from their highly-anticipated sophomore LP with the single “Get Loose.” Written during the peak of the pandemic and throughout the social upheavel that we’ve faced as a country over the last year, “Get Loose” is a potently bluesy anthem that sees Hanmer and company moving beyond the Americana-psychedelica that infected their songs on previous releases.

Picking up her dad’s Lyle Dove guitar at just six-years-old, by the time she was thirteen she was hooked and her dad had hired local guitar instructor Robert McNamara to teach her. From there her influences grew to include Bob Dylan, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Jackie Greene; she even remembers the moment she heard “Hard Rain” by Dylan for the first time as a freshman in high-school.

After cutting her teeth with solo gigs in San Francisco and Monterey, a chance encounter led to a kindred friendship with music industry professional turned psychotherapist Claudia Miles. The two became close writing partners and Miles eventually encouraged her to move to Los Angeles, where she released her Ireland trip inspired debut EP On My Way and her freshman album Stuck in a Daydream.

On “Get Loose,” Hanmer struts with her smokey croon, shaking the dust from her hair to the cathartic grumble of woozy riffs and tumbling drum rolls. “Come on and get loose,” she invites with her droning wail — a sincere call to wake up to the priceless value on being alive, healthy, and able to lose yourself to the music. “Get Loose” follows the previously released “Sick of Me,” another raucous rock track that grinds away with Hanma’s now signature unbridled passion, with both promising that the upcoming album will be no less boisterous than the last.

“‘Get Loose’ is our carpe diem song. The pandemic woke us up to the value of being alive. And this single is a reminder to savor that, to open our hearts and minds, to break the so-called rules. Carpe Diem, dance as if no-one is watching sort of thing.”

Molly Hanmer & The Midnight Tokers’ sophomore album Get Loose is slated for release September 2021. The band will also be playing a live set tonight August 24th on Instagram live at 8:30 PST as part of a backyard release party for the new single. Visit Hanmer’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Listen to Molly Hanmer’s new single “Get Loose” below!