Surfbort Drop Zany New Music Video for Single “FML” Featuring Fred Armisen

With a new album on the way and several live shows, Brooklyn based punk band Surfboat dropped a new music video for their visceral single “FML.” Featuring Fred Armisen, the video serves as a bright and zany contrast to the single’s apathetically morbid theme.

“I believe in Surfboat. They are everything I want a band to be,” notes Armisen. I love their music, both on record and performed live. Just the right amount of chaos. And their sense of aesthetics is amazing to see. I am excited that they even exist. I love Surfboat!”


As band members deal with frustrating, mundane annoyances throughout the video, Armisen is there to give them a bit of cheer, from magically fixing guitar strings and chihuahua necks to saving a band mate from stepping on dog poop. While lead singer Dani Miller croons over the stress of daily existence, Armisen is there to help brighten each dark corner, eventually replacing each band member with himself to rock out in a hilarious ending.

“This video is about how deep depression and suicidal tendencies are extremely common and that you aren’t alone feeling so low there are ways to get through such an earth shattering headspace,” notes Miller. “So, hold on tight reach out to others and make it to the better days. Mental health is so important. Being an artist and drug addict/alcoholic as well as being bipolar, I have had many times in the past of suicidal ideation and so have our bandmates. I think it’s very common for so many people to feel so low in this society. My aunt killed herself, and I wish that I could go back in time and Fred Armisen could pop up and make her day better and change her perspective in the moment she felt like her world was over. Fred is such a nice person and his humor is electric and healing so I thought it would be perfect if he was the super hero in this video turning everyone’s day around. At the end when he transforms into the full band he was supposed to be at a premier that night and he stayed extra and turned into every band member and even knew how to play the song on every instrument and the kicker was when he dressed up like me with my classic makeup it was like having the coolest twin ever for 20 minutes.”


Keep On Truckin is set to be released on October 11 as part of the recently launched partnership between legendary producer, composer and philanthropist, Linda Perry and SoundCloud/Repost. In the lead up to the release, Surfboat will be hosting a pre-save give away contest where three lucky fans who pre-save the album will be sent as a care package from Surfboat.

Surfbort have a Los Angeles show date at the Regent on Oct. 21, followed by Brick By Brick in San Diego (Oct. 22)— both opening for Starcrawler. Fans can also catch Surfbort on Nov. 4 at the Observatory in Santa Ana with The Garden.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more, make sure to visit the Surfboat’s website and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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