Kate Clover’s New Music Video and Single Stoke Anti-Establishment Vibes Through a Retro Lens

BTS photos: Vanessa Castelan and Ambar Navarro

Taking inspiration from the writings of Hunter S. Thompson and from political parallels throughout the generations, Los Angeles punk rocker Kate Clover has released a scorching new single, ”Crimewave” with a retro-tinged music video to boot. The new single focuses on a combination of themes from political fear-mongering to truth told from the lens of fiction. Musically, “Crimewave” enlists the chops of Dávila 666 and Brandon Welchez of Crocodiles to hit hard from beginning to end. Driven by a punk rock beat with hefty guitar riffs and a no holds barred vocal performance, the song bangs as much as it plays with political and social themes.


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Shot in 16mm film and directed by artist and director Ambar Navarro, the music video features various locations around L.A. From the overall aesthetics to shots around the city, the video for “CrimeWave” ironically mirrors the style of 80s urban terror films. Linking socio-political themes from one conservative era to the most recent, the band finds themselves in contention with “the man,” an arrest-happy police officer who books people for various outrageous reasons from sitting on a park bench with punk hair to holding a protest sign in front of a government building. As the band jams out in the LA River, the police officer drives around the city, arresting random people along the way until he finally reaches the band, who fleas upon his arrival.

With a Southern California tour date coming up, fans can catch Kate Clover supporting Rocket from the Crypt and Playboy Manbaby on Oct. 29 at the Observatory North Park. And, while Clover hasn’t officially stated she will release a full length LP in 2022, she has hinted that she has a lot coming for the next year. In the meantime, stream Clover’s debut EP Channel Zero.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Kate Clover, make sure to visit her website and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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