Frenetic and wild Kate Clover exudes punk power on Channel Zero EP

Frenetic and wild Kate Clover exudes punk power on Channel Zero EP

Local Los Angeles rocker Kate Clover has released her debut EP with Channel Zero, a collection of four songs that effuse with the kind of breathless raucousness that the singer/songwriter has become known for at her high-octane shows. Born out of a four-day trip to Mexico City that quickly turned into a four-month odyssey that led her to record her album while there, birthing the noisy and rollicking energies that course through the EP. Opening with “Channel Zero – 2020 Mix,” Clover lets go of the reigns almost immediately, rushing forward on a spacey, guitar-grinding anthem of pure chaotic energy that is too ecstatic to let go of and sets the tone for the entirety of the EP. “CIA gave my baby LSD,” she howls along to the energizing melody.

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The blitz continues on “Love You to Death,” where Clover unleashes her penchant for 70s punk on the song’s spiraling affirmation of love — soundtracked as it is by the band’s ferocious sonics. It’s quickly followed by “Tearjerker,” another ear-drum pummeler that switch-foots between anxious hammer-ons and Clover’s ever frenetic cries. Clamorous and kinetic to the point of ignition Channel Zero finds completion on the smokey slow-burner “Roulette,” a moody guitar ballad that rumbles along to the song’s swaying melancholy — while also embodying the Clover’s gritty ethos of not giving a fuck about what people think about her.

The songs on Channel Zero might rush forward with seeming reckless abandon, but it’s not out of apathy or with a taste for destruction, instead Kate Clover makes the endlessly necessary case for living your life in a way that is unabashedly true to yourself. A life that never allows itself to be held back by naysayers and one ever soundtracked by Clover and company’s riveting blend all the best punk, garage, and punchy rock hooks they have to offer.

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Listen to Kate Clover’s new EP below!

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