Max Green Releases Deeply Emotional New Single and Video “Love Addict”

Echo Park musician Max Green drops his latest single, “Love Addict,” the second single off his upcoming 4-song, EP Take Care, out Dec. 4. Taking a deep dive into break ups and the emotional weight they carry, Green finds a melancholy acceptance not just of heartache, but all the moments and personality traits that lead up to the end of a relationship. In “Love Addict,” the idea of constantly seeking romance or love, regardless of whether or not it will last or be reciprocated, comes full circle with Green confessing his lovesick tendencies amidst a drapery of indie-pop instrumentals.


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“Love Addict was the first song producer Jim Alxndr and I wrote for this project and is my personal favorite off the EP,” notes Green. “I remember showing up to the session in a bit of-typical shambles over my romantic life at the time. To me this song is a very candid statement on the concept of love addiction. I kept noticing this unhealthy habit in myself of feeling dependent on another to solidify my self worth or mental stability. At other points I found myself craving romantic attention from situations that didn’t provide it. This song makes some extremely honest points about a very common feeling in today’s post-current-apocalyptic dating world.”

Paired with a deeply personal music video — home footage from a road trip Green took with an ex — the song is just a taste of the highly emotional EP to come. His previously released single, “Eyes Closed” also paints a relationship in turmoil as two people grow further apart within a relationship and eventually crumble under the pressure. As much as both people are doing their best, it’s not meant to be, and that realization is a slow, painful burden to bear.

Both songs will be on Green’s new EP, Take Care, made in collaboration with Australian producer Jim Alxndr and LA based mix engineers Nathan Phillips, & Eric Bard.


“Take Care has such a sense of abandon in the realm as a hopeless romantic. I wrote these melodic songs with some uber talented friends at a time post breakup,” says Green. “A time often filled with an abundance of self-reflection. The arrangements feel so colorful and dramatic to me and it was such an experience seeing these songs come to life.”

As an artist Green focuses on on the eternal endeavors of youth, musing on themes of existentialism, self-identity, romance and heartbreak. With often heavy or melancholy lyrics, his music touches the heart and penetrates the mind with a range of depth and relatability. With sweeping falsetto vocals and shifting electronic sounds, his music floats within a lo-fi indie-pop sphere and glitters with sentimentality. Although his music can be deeply emotional, it’s also sprinkled with danceable melodies and a lo-fi approach.

In addition to releasing music of his own, Green has also collaboration with a variety of up and coming artists over the last year and a half. Since releasing his first music in 2019, he has worked with producers around the world and continues to attract more fans with his wistful, heartfelt music.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Max Green, make sure to follow him on Instagram and Tw (itter.

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