Photo by Christian Klein

Geographer has shared a video for their new song “Peripheral Vision,” a stirring anthem with all the shimmer of an 80’s synth-pop track. On it, frontman Michael Deni howls away alongside a rush of pulsing drums and scattered synthesizers, reveling in the ways in which we exist just at the edges of each other’s often tunnel-visioned lives. The video for the song, directed by Patrick Mattes and starring Deni alongside his creative partner and girlfriend Monica Reyes, visualizes its pained reach for intimacy. Shots of both Deni and Reyes, who provided creative direction, flash across the screen in colorless; with shadowy silhouettes of themselves fidgeting in the space behind them.


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It’s an ecstatic plea to be cognitive of our blind spots, that we cannot live our lives happily if we see people as only smudges in our periphery. Between Deni’s ever riveting croons and his penchant for creating only the most sublime of electronica-tinged medleys, “Peripheral Vision” is another brightly burning entry from the Los Angeles-based wizard.

“This song is one of the more abstract ones on the record. It cogitates on the idea of how we conceive of others, and how they conceive of us,” Deni said of the single. “Are we part of their movie? Are they part of ours? Whatever the case, it can feel that we are not seen clearly by anyone. They know we’re there, but we exist in the periphery, slightly blurry, almost unnoticed. And it can sometimes feel that way even with people who are supposed to love us.”

Geographer’s new album Down and Out in the Garden of Earthly Delights is out November 12. Visit Geographer’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Watch the video for Geographer’s new song “Peripheral Vision” below!