D’Arcy Drops Intoxicating New Single “Lover”

Indie artist D’Arcy is back with her new single “Lover,” an intoxicating tune that channels and explores the darker emotions that rise from a relentless love. While it’s been only a year since D’Arcy dropped her debut single, she has drummed up a slew of fans and garnered the attention of music critics alike with her intense and evocative music. Wasting no time, she released her debut EP, Hard to Kill, earlier this year, showcasing a wide breadth of range and modern song craftsmanship.

Dark, atmospheric and layered with electronic sounds and distorted vocals — with “Lover” — D’Arcy creates a gothic love song that stands as a testament to the all encompassing nature of love. Whether it’s right or wrong, short-lived or everlasting, D’Arcy is only concerned with the gravitational forces that draw her to the person she’s interested in.

“Lover is about the desire to be fully consumed by someone else, no matter the consequences,” notes D’Arcy. “The lyrics speak to a beautiful but unsustainable intensity in a relationship where you are willing to give all of yourself to somebody else. “I’d hold the world on my head if it meant that you could rest instead.” When I wrote this song I knew that I wanted the production to go in a new direction, and the experience of touring this summer and finally getting to play these songs live, very much influenced this new direction.”

”Lover” is a sparse tune, filled more with emotion than backing instrumentals. What is there serves to amplify the intense lyrics and echoing vocals that draw you deep into D’Arcy’s sentiments.

Utilizing a range of electronic sounds and layered instrumentation, D’Arcy’s music is an immersive experience where the lyrics usher you into an alternate reality. In this alternate space, D’Arcy conjures up sentiments and themes that traverses every nook and cranny of the unexplored. She is not afraid to give into the fervent side of humanity. Creating deep emotions through aloof and electronic sounds may seem counter intuitive, but for D’Arcy, it’s where she thrives; connecting impassioned moods and themes through “cold” electronic music and honest lyrics.

Her breakthrough single “Crush” is the most expansive and pop-laced tune in her arsenal, but it lays the foundation for the honest, uninhibited music she has created over the span of just a year.

With a 30 plus US tour under her belt, supporting Lee DeWyze, D’Arcy’s trajectory is on course for a fruitful and intriguing platform as a musician. Also the first musical act launched from DRØME, a media company that previously published a multi-issue print magazine featuring the likes of Billie Eilish and Sofi Tukker, D’Arcy has established a unique and interesting discography that explores a myriad of subjects both personal and external.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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