In characteristic unapologetic bombast Los Angeles alt/hip-hop artist MXRTY THE PXRTY has debuted his third single of the year with devilish energies of “Run It Back.” Every second of the new track is built around the Angeleno rapper’s talent for churning out party-starters, from its fidgety beats and jet black sonics to his cutting bars. “We’ll have one hell of a night and Run It Back,” he shouts as he capitalizes on his uncontainable swagger. It’s the kind of track you keep on replay — a diabolical fanfare and mantra that’s designed to keep you hyped long through the night.

The music video for the song, directed by Sean Sweetman and filmed atop Astroetic Studios in downtown Los Angeles, offers some gorgeous sweeping shots of the city’s skyline before centering on MXRTY THE PXRTY on the roof. Cutting between stunning shots of the rapper dancing on the rooftop both during the day and at night, the video for “Run It Back” keeps the octane high as it visualizes the blinding vibrancy of MXRTY THE PXRTY’s bravado.

MXRTY THE PXRTY is the breakout project of the audaciously eccentric Martin Dovali, an artist who counts everyone from Tyler, the Creator, Mac Miller, and Anderson .Paak as long-running inspirations for his own music. Although he’s new to the scene, Dovali has already made waves with the drops of his two previous singles: from the grind-anthem “WANNIT ALL” and pop-banger “You & Me Anywhere,” which he joined forces with Holy WarsKat Leon to create. With the release of “Run It Back,” MXRTY THE PXRTY continues to make his case as an innovator, mingling his love of hip-hop with a brash but killer ear for kinetic music.

“This track is a large banger with catchy, dark melodies. The beat is meant to smack and the lyrics provoke ownership of one’s own bravado. You can bump this tune at any given moment you’re trying to have a good time…then ‘Run It Back.'”

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Watch the video for MXRTY THE PXRTY’s new single “Run It Back” below!