Death Valley Girls and Le Butcherettes Release Split EP

Death Valley Girls and Le Butcherettes Release Split EP
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Combining the musical prowess of Death Valley Girls and Le Butcherettes, Suicide Squeeze Records have released a special two-song EP featuring a cover song and a new single, available for digital steaming now with a 7-inch vinyl available on February 11.


The mash up features Le Butcherettes covering “The Universe,” originally a Death Valley Girls song. Stripping the single of its psychedelic instrumentals, replacing keys a slinky sax solo and other groovy instrumentals for layered vocals kicked off by a haunting trance-like chant to drum up a palpable communal feeling. While Death Valley Girls’ original is more melodically straight forward, Le Butcherettes give the single an earthier tone as they croon over the connectedness of the universe.

As for Death Valley Girls, their side of the split feature is a brand new single, “When I’m Free,” a musing on existentialism, living a good life and the realization that looking outward only sparks more questions. In their new tune, the band comes to realize that looking inward and trusting the universe helps bring clarity into existence, and when one finally understands this about themselves and the world, it releases them from some of the pangs of existing as a human.

“We’ve talked a lot about trauma, mental health, and how hard it is to live in a human body!,” says Death Valley Girls Bonnie Bloomgarden. “One concept that has really been helping during the daily struggle is the perspective shift – that things aren’t ‘happening to me,’ they’re ‘happening for me.’ Sometimes if you can, squint your eyes, alter your view, try to see experiences as opportunities to learn and grow! Sometimes that’s the best we can do!”

Wrapped in a quintessential cloak of psychedelia, orgasmic instrumentals and Bloomgarden’s dynamic vocals, “When I’m Free” is bursting with a celebration of life.


Both Le Butcherettes’ cover and Death Valley Girls new single relate to the cosmic connection we all have in the universe and how as humans, our consciousness is a powerful tool that can harm or nurture us depending on which perspective we choose to see the world from. Both tunes shine with a pearl of wisdom, and there is a unique convergence taking place from the collaborative process of bringing these two bands together, albeit for a brief moment.

“I’m such a huge admirer of Death Valley Girls, so I was touched and surprised when they came up with the idea of doing a split vinyl together,” notes Le Butcherettes Teri Gender Bender. “Immediately I knew I wanted to cover one of my favorite songs of theirs, ‘The Universe,’ in support of their brilliant new single, ‘When I’m Free.’ A true honor to be a part of their EP!” 

Words: Patti Sanchez

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