Liz Phair to perform her iconic catalog of music at the Walt Disney Concert Hall joined by Ben Gibbard, Best Coast, Remi Wolf, Vagabon

Liz Phair
Photo by Eszter and David

Liz Phair will be hosting a special night at the Walt Disney Concert Hall this May to play from her generation-defining and spanning catalog of songs. But it won’t be just her onstage as the 90s rock icon will be joined by an impossibly perfect lineup to perform her songs with. Legends like Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie, Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast, Remi Wolf, and Vagabon will all be making appearances alongside Phair. It all goes down on May 10 at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. Tickets are on sale now so make sure you grab yours as soon as possible!


Ever since Phair released her debut album Exile in Guyville in 1993 she’s been paving the way with her evocatively defiant and raw anthems. Songs like “F**k and Run” and “Divorce Song” remain mainstays but in reality, Phair rarely misses the mark with her incisive songwriting and her ear for off-kilter but incredibly alluring melodies. It only took Phair a year to return with the Whip-Smart which rides the line between the giddily funky and an acerbic melancholy — “Cinco De Mayo” is one such deliciously delightful track.

But Phair is not solely relegated to the 90s as her breakthrough self-titled fourth album revealed. Since she’s three more albums including last year’s Soberish an album that looks back as much as it contemplates the here and now. Her new album sees Phair earnest as ever with some songs like “Good Side” functioning as refreshed perspectives of some of the songs on Exile in Guyville. If there was ever a time to catch Phair playing all the hits — it’s right now.


The Walt Disney Concert Hall will be hosting a whole wave of shows in both April and May as part of the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s Gen X Anthems festival. Events and shows include everything from spectacular performances by the LA Philharmonic, like their upcoming “Voices of a Generation” and a night of Gustavo Dudamel conducting Thomas Adès’ Dante score. Head to the Gen X website to check out the full list of events and to buy tickets!

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