Ayoni 2022

Giving us another shimmering glimpse into her upcoming EP, The Vision EP, Bajan singer Ayoni shares the soulfully delivered single “Before I Prosper,” a texture-rich pop anthem that drums up feelings of pride, self-love and a determination to find clarity and not give up on the process of life even in dark times.


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With sweeping melody changes and shining elements of pop, R&B, soul and gospel, Ayoni takes command of herself and leads the way to the light with powerful lyrics projected by compelling vocals that range from soft and silky-smooth to delightfully raw and powerful.

“Before I Prosper” follows Ayoni’s equally moving track “You Said I Love You Too Soon,” a heartbreaking, enthralling single wrought with emotion. Both songs will appear on Ayoni’s upcoming EP, The Vision EP, slated to be released this August. In addition to new music, Ayoni will also be performing July 11 in L.A. as part of the School Night series at the Bardot in Hollywood. More information on the show is soon to come via School Night’s website.

Born in Barbados but now based in LA, Ayoni grew up spending time in places such as Singapore, Indonesia and America – something she frequently draws on to guide her musical journey as both a young, Black woman and an immigrant. Building a fanbase via beautiful singles like “If You Leave” and harrowing and poignant social commentary tracks such as “The Patriots,” Ayoni has covered a deep breadth of experience and musical landscape since her debut project Iridescent.

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While her emotional and bittersweet 2020 single “Unmoved (A Black Woman Truth)” helped further cement Ayoni’s status as a bold new artist unafraid to confront raw truths in her music, her new singles continue to carry the same bravado, strength and beauty with more to come from this budding artist.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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