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Soft and ethereal, Babebee, an independent artist, producer and videographer based out of Atlanta, blurs the line between singer-songwriter spirit and an electro indie sound. Blending elements of indie-pop, alt-rock and experimental dance music, they find an interesting intersection to convey their thoughts and emotions in a universal and holistic way. 


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Their latest single, “nervous system breakdown,” is a quiet rumble charged with existential thoughts and heavy emotions that are cleansed through the process of writing and sharing their new tune.

Synthesized instrumentals and distorted vocals meet in “nervous system breakdown” to convey intimate and personal revelations. As the music shifts subtly like changing tides, Babebee reveals the deep secrets of their troubled heart, finding themself in the throes of emotional and mental arrest yet again.

“‘nervous system breakdown’ is about questioning the meaning of life,” says Babebee. “I had another breakdown and wrote this song immediately afterwards to get my emotions out of my system.”

The accompanying music video for “nervous system breakdown,” directed and edited by Babebee, shows them visiting the beach, writing down lyrics in a notebook and finding solace from their busy mind as they walk on peaceful shores.

Preceding “nervous system breakdown” is Babebee’s “go-stop,” a single about Babebee’s relationship with love and life in general. Sweet and explorative, “go-stop,” is a young, palpitating track with crackly, lo-fi qualities and a longing tone as Babebee reminisces on a time where they felt in sync with themself and the world.

“I wrote this based on a relationship I had with someone who made me feel really safe and secure, allowing me to be me and not feel anxious about where things were going and I learned how to enjoy the present moment,” says Babebee. “I made this song as a pact to myself and others: not to run away from the love that we deserve.”

This raw and honest approach to making music is essential to Babebee’s work; their propensity to construct tunes more than just a passion or exercise of creativity, but a bright beacon with which to help navigate their life and shine a light on others who may be lost in the dark.

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These sentiments are deeply embedded in mind over matter, Babebee’s sophomore album out now. Their new 16-track release combines all of the emotional power of their previously released singles and expands to include a myriad of themes and tones, all pulled straight from the heart and offered up for others to find solace in.

“I worked on my album mind over matter for the past year of 2022, which has been my everything, my soul, my heart and mind,” notes Babebee. “I want my music to be a reminder that you are not alone in this universe.”

With contemporary influences such as Imogen Heap, Björk, The xx, Frank Ocean, yeule, Charli XCX, Blood Orange and more, Babebee takes inspiration from these innovative artists and finds their own avenue to create something unique and delicate. 

Words: Patti Sanchez

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