Julieta Venegas shares her latest mesmerizing single/video “En Tu Orilla” — L.A. dates at Besame Mucho festival and The Saban Theatre

Julieta Venegas

Latin pop-rock phenomenon Julieta Venegas is back with a new single and video for their song “En Tu Orilla,” she will be playing at The Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills on Dec. 1. She will also be performing at the Ohana Encore and Besame Mucho festivals. From its dizzying accordion-led melodies and breathless execution, the new track carries all the hallmarks of the multi-instrumentalist’s invigorating spirit. It’s near impossible to sit still while listening to a Venegas track and the riveting “En Tu Orilla” is no different.

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Venegas first discovered the idea behind “En Tu Orilla” while reading a poem by the Chilean Rául Zurita during the pandemic. She found herself inspired and endeavored to translate the piece to music, which resulted in the single’s focus on how different relationships leave their impressions on us, even long after they’ve ended. On the upbeat “En Tu Orilla,” Venegas dashes back and forth alongside the song’s elated medley, shipwrecked on the shore of the people she still holds onto.

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The music video for “En Tu Orilla,” directed by Carmen Rivoira, was filmed at Punta Lara in Buenos Aires, Argentina alongside a picturesque shoreline and pier. In the video, Venegas plays a woman who upon finding a small translucent sphere on the ground is suddenly struck by a sense of longing. As she goes about her daily routine, cooking food at work and hanging up a clothesline, she’s unable to shake the feeling.

And soon we catch a glimpse of the man she’s thinking of when staring into the crystal-ball-like sphere — with the film’s beautiful final shot perfectly encapsulating the song’s theme: Venegas and the man pass each other going opposite ways, one on the bridge above and the other via boat on the water below.

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Julieta Venegas will be playing the upcoming Ohana Encore at Doheny State beach and the Besame Mucho festival in Los Angeles. They will also be playing at The Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills on Dec. 1.

Visit Julieta Venegas on their website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words by Steven Ward

Watch the music video for Julieta Venegas’ new single “En Tu Orilla” below!

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