JEMS - photo: Jayden Becker
JEMS – photo: Jayden Becker

JEMS, the L.A.-based alt-folk trio consisting of singer / songwriters Emily Colombier, Jessica Rotter, and Sarah Margaret Huff have shared a new music video for their song “Gotta Get Away.” Directed by Gille Klabin, the video is a bright and heart-warming illustration of the love of travel and connecting with others. It makes you want to dive right in and enjoy the ride.


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“’Gotta Get Away’ was written in Palm Springs the weekend before LA officially shut down for its first quarantine period in March 2020,” shares Jessica Rotter. “We were on a writing retreat, and while we were feeling the inspiration of getting out of town and having a light hearted roadtrip with friends, there was also this looming sense of what’s going to happen with all this news of Covid-19, and trying to make sense of what we were hearing on the news at that time. If you remember, there was talk of a possible two week shut down, ha! We ended up being more prophetic than we realized or would’ve hoped in the verses of the song.”

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Both the song and video beautifully depicts the excitement of a road trip, with the wind caressing your hair and a slew of joyous feels coming from all directions. With scenes captured while on a West Coast tour with She & Him (Zooey Deschanel & M. Ward), the entire experience was uplifting for JEMS and reminded them why they make music. The song and video whole-heartedly exude the importance of community, building relationships with new people, while nurturing those existing ones you hold so close to your heart.

Keep up with JEMS on Instagram and Twitter, and peep their website for more ways to connect.

Watch the video for JEMS’ “Gotta Get Away” below!

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