Hot Band Alert: Surf-punk trio The Moonjacks advocate for some much needed leisure time on “Sk8 Hi” — new album/release show Sep. 2 at The Smell

The Moonjacks

California surf-punk act The Moonjacks have released a new single “Sk8 Hi,” along with plans for an album release show for Bad Guy Stuff at The Smell in Los Angeles on Sep. 2. Taking its name after the kind of Vans the San Luis Obispo trio pine about wearing (and are probably always wearing, at least when they’re not surfing), the track is a clamorous head-banger in defense of killing time.

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From there, The Moonjacks propel you into the thick of their simple but sublime desires for the day: smoking wax and skating in their Vans. “It’s the weekend I got no plans,” they sing in the song’s opening moments. In a lot of ways, ” Sk8 Hi” is a plea for the necessity of leisure time — of being able to stop the rat race of daily life and just cutting loose to do whatever you want to do.

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“What’s wrong with having fun? I ain’t hurting anyone,” they howl between hammered riffs and drums. After all, as The Moonjacks put it, in the face of everyone’s inevitable death life’s just too short to not enjoy on your terms. And there is no better delivery of that ethos than The Moonjacks’ earnest and jovial sonics.

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The Moonjacks is comprised of Gabriel Torres Ureno, Christian “Dank” Miller, and Christian Joel Canales, three central coast buddies that started grinding out raw garage-bangers a few years ago. They just released their self-titled debut last year but are already gearing up for the release of their first studio-recorded album with Pacific Records next month.

The Moonjacks’ new album Bad Guy Stuff is out Sept. 2 via Pacific Records. Catch the band at The Smell in Los Angeles on Sep. 2 as well for their album release show. Visit The Moonjacks on their Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words by Steven Ward

Listen to The Moonjacks’ new single “Sk8 Hi” below!

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