Los Angeles-based Omotola is back with another enthralling single with the release of “The Weekend,” you’ll also have a chance to see her live when she opens for Jaws of Love at the Silverlake Lounge in Los Angeles in October. The new track follows previous singles “Hot Fuss” and “ITMOI” which introduced the world to her transcendent vocals and cavernously colossal production. She was also featured on the Jaws of Love track “Guard & Prisoner” from his Patricia EP, lending her soul-haunting voice to the song with heart-breaking effect.


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On “The Weekend,” the genre-bending tendencies of Omotola reveal themselves as immense movements of sound. Its melody is a tempest of droning electronics, deeply humming strings, and thunderous drums that surround the song’s veritable centerpiece: Omotola’s honeyed and resplendent cries. But for all its resounding tones “The Weekend” is no bleak melancholy.

Instead, it’s a cinematic anthem to soundtrack what Omotola calls a “moody joy-ride” toward an escape. “I’ve danced with fire far less than under the stars,” she coos over eerie wails. Like a stunning revelation, Omotola offers a helping hand to get you through your weekdays, capturing the kind of ecstatic joy that comes with finally shaking off the weight of whatever load you’ve been bearing through it all.

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Omotola will be opening for Jaws of Love at the Silverlake Lounge in Los Angeles for their October residency. Visit Omotola on their Bandcamp, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words by Steven Ward

Listen to Omotola’s new single “The Weekend” below!

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