November Ultra

Earlier this year November Ultra released her debut album bedroom walls, offering up for the first time a collection of songs wholly her own. Prior to her solo work, she’d split her time between the bedroom where she recorded her first intimate ballads, and the studios where she worked as a topliner/songwriter for a wide range of artists. On her debut, she wields her DIY experience with unabashed potency, creating stunningly sonorous soundscapes for her haunting wails and heart-stirring cries to enliven within.


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Across those 11-tracks, November Ultra cultivates a genre-crisscrossing world of atmospheric magic. One that’s easy to find yourself immersed in thanks to her engrossing vocals — which mingle English and Spanish lyricism gorgeously. From lilting folk growths to moody R&B sonics, November Ultra incessantly combines all the multitudes of her influences (which include a Spanish grandfather who imbued in her his love of 60’s musicals and Spanish copla). It’s there amidst the delicate sequences of “soft & tender” or oscillating rhythms of “le manège.” But there’s also a theatricality to her compositions, a measured crescendo, and emphatic release through her constantly shifting instrumentals that course throughout (“monomania,” “nostalgia/ultra”)

Her latest single “come into my arms” only further showcases both her intoxicating coos and the tender lyricism they let float from within. Stripped of any lush instrumentals save for a solitary piano medley that dovetails in and out of November Ultra’s quivering vocals, the song reveals just how little the artist needs to be so damn affecting. “How can you catch the sun?” she murmurs softly against the weight of silence between her words. “Can you breathe when you’re on the run / Slow down, my darling.”

It really is no surprise how much November Ultra was vied for by other artists — who wouldn’t want this heart-wrenching singer fluttering her poetry across your song?

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Thank you to Derrick of This Worthy Life for the gem of a find.

Words by Steven Ward

Listen to bedroom walls the debut album from November Ultra below!

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