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band to watch 2023
25 Music Artists and Bands To Watch in 2023

It’s that time of year again where we release our annual forecast of music artists and bands to watch in 2023. One of the many things the pandemic taught us, is that there are so many talented and unique artists out there that the whole world needs to hear. Through our new song submission playlist, […]

New Christmas indie songs 2022
The Best New Christmas Indie Songs of 2022

We might not all be able to agree when the right time to start playing Christmas music — or even which songs are overplayed at this point — but we all still enjoy it. There’s just something about hearing those songs (especially if you live in an area of perpetual sunshine) that conjures up cozy […]

Steven Ward |
November Ultra
Immerse Yourself in the Tender Allure of November Ultra’s Ballads, Stream Debut Album “Bedroom Walls”

Earlier this year November Ultra released her debut album bedroom walls, offering up for the first time a collection of songs wholly her own. Prior to her solo work, she’d split her time between the bedroom where she recorded her first intimate ballads, and the studios where she worked as a topliner/songwriter for a wide […]