New Christmas indie songs 2022

We might not all be able to agree when the right time to start playing Christmas music — or even which songs are overplayed at this point — but we all still enjoy it. There’s just something about hearing those songs (especially if you live in an area of perpetual sunshine) that conjures up cozy holiday memories and images of winter wonderlands. Whether they are covers of timeless classics or originals sung by your favorite new artists, our Best New Christmas Indie Songs of 2022 playlist is filled with the songs you’ll have on repeat this holiday season.

Produced by Sandra B. Olinger

Words by Steven Ward

November Ultra “novembre”

November Ultra is quickly becoming one of our favorite new acts to appear this year — but now she’s released a Christmas song that mixes her angelically touching vocals with a certain winter melancholy. On the softly weeping acoustic “novembre,” the singer/songwriter weaves a tale of longing set within the pined-for memories of Christmases past. There are two kinds of holiday songs: the kind that fills you with warm joy and the ones that tenderly break your heart. This one is without a doubt the latter.

Quinnie “silver second” / “silver bells”

Quinnie has been making waves ever since she exploded on TikTok and now she’s offered up two-holiday songs to boot. The first is an original titled “silver second,” a lush instrumental ditty that sees her narrating via her crystalline trill all the bittersweet briefness of the holidays. The second is of course a cover of “silver bells,” which Quinnie transforms into a gleaming stroll through homey folk strings and meandering percussion.

Los Bitchos “Los Chrismos”

Los Bitchos’ members span multiple continents and as such their music borrows from plenty of influences, from vintage cumbia to surf rock. Their contribution to the holidays comes in the form of “Los Chrismos,” a track that shows off the band’s energizing guitar chops and their penchant for creating playfully moving jams.

Remi Wolf “Last Christmas” / “Winter Wonderland”

Another double whammy this time from Remi Wolf: it’s never a simple thing to cover George Michael’s “Last Christmas,” but she gives the Christmas pop classic a soulful funk twist that breathes new life into it. While her rendition of “Winter Wonderland” is a soaring jovial cover that hinges on her ecstatic vocals and a particularly groovy guitar solo.

The Linda Lindas “Groovy Xmas”

Youthful rock outfit The Linda Lindas never miss the mark and their “Groovy Xmas” is the driving, power-rock addition to your holiday cheer. Wielding their dueling guitars and surging harmonies the band underscores the high points of Christmas’ arrival, from Grandma’s lipstick kisses to Charlie Brown to delicious tamales.

Kenia OS “Blanca Navidad”

Mexican singer/songwriter Kenia Os has shared a Spanish cover of “White Christmas” with “Blanca Navidad.” A version that subdues much of its melody behind a heavy curtain of atmospherics and gloaming melodics.

Phoebe Bridgers “So Much Wine”

With the number of Christmas-leaning songs that Phoebe Bridgers releases every year, she’s quickly becoming indie-rock’s own sad girl Mariah Carey. This year she shared a whole EP of wintery-themed songs, the title track of which is “So Much Wine,” a softly lilting tale about collisions of alcoholism within family gatherings. Make sure you give the whole EP a listen!

Stream all of our favorite new indie Christmas songs of 2022 below! And be sure to stream our Christmas Gold mega-playlist full of very cool Christmas songs from today and yesteryear.