Babebee’s Shares New Version of Their Potent Electro-Pop Single “stranded” (feat. angelus)


Babebee is back with a rework of their recent single “stranded,” welcoming the hyper-pop talents of angelus into the track. They actually just released their second album this year as well, coming in the form of the sprawling Mind Over Matter, which they followed with two new singles “stranded” and “BACKWARDS.” If you’ve yet to revel in Babebee’s sonorous sonic creations, then there’s no better introduction than this collab between them and angelus. The new “stranded” is dually a blitz of emotion and collaged by hook-filled electro-pop.

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On the original track, Babebee dashes through frantic drums and buzzing synths as they wrestle with someone’s attraction to them. “You said I’m your type / I don’t know what I like,” they sing against the song’s buoyant rhythms. “Give me a moment / Collect all my bearings.” As the gorgeously saturated music video for “stranded” reveals, directed by both Babebee and Sullivan Brock, even such affection can feel entrapping when it’s based on someone else’s assumptions or perception of who you are.


The rework keeps much of Babebee’s song intact, with all its punchy energy given a boost by the injection of angelus into the middle of it. While over the course of just a few bars, they flesh out the song’s friction with being placed in any kind of box. “You said that I’m your type but I think you’re mistaken,” they murmur over the song’s grappling riffs. “And I found bout your lies, all your fake love you be showing.” Sharp as hell angelus cuts straight to the point, eliminating any ambiguity about the sort of selfish lover being targeted here.


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Words by Steven Ward

Listen to the new version of “stranded” (feat. angelus) from Babebee below!

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