Ambar Lucid Draws From Multiple Genres in New Double Single “444” and “Ms. Moon”

Ambar Lucid by Sophia Juliette red hair
Ambar Lucid by Sophia Juliette

Ambar Lucid concludes an eventful 2022, marked by her first headlining tour, with a double single “444” and “Ms. Moon.” Ahead of her 2023 album Estrella, the newest pair of songs see her moving in and out of genres without seeming as though they’re a compromise in sound. Instead, Ambar stays true to a unique sound marked by bilingual lyrics, Latin beats, and open space for lush experimentation.

“444,” unlike “Ms. Moon,” features a distinct electronic-bounce beat that resembles a hyperpop track more than urbano or folk. The Spanish lyrics are just as lively as the instrumental, with Ambar singing passionately through the honeymoon phase of a new relationship. Perhaps most impressive is how the vocals perfectly intertwine with the instrumental, making for an appropriately trippy song concerning puppy love.


Alternatively, “Ms. Moon” sounds as if it was from a different artist compared to its predecessor. While still keeping with a Latin inflection in the beat, the track is much more gentle thanks to the acoustics and atmospheric feel matching the double single’s artwork. It’s also beautifully written, complete with bilingual lyrics in a ballad of femininity.

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For only two songs, the double single impressively stands on its own. Whether or not they land on Ambar’s next album, they, at the very least, show a pursuit of eclectic and exciting new music with no signs of stopping.

Words: David Sosa

The double single for “444” and “Ms. Moon” is out now on all streaming services. You can stay up to date with Ambar Lucid’s latest music on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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