Ella Vos Bends the Elements to Her Musical Will on New Album “SUPERGLUE” — Confirms Microdose Tour in May

Ella Vos 2023 photo
Photo by Christina Chi Craig

Coming after a long line of singles and news of a US tour set for May, Ella Vos comes into her own on her third album, SUPERGLUE. Created alongside husband and producer Tommy English, her newest effort finds the singer-songwriter paving a path for herself in the electronic-pop landscape that’s gradually become the new norm for pop music. While conceptual at times, notably in the first four songs, which follow the elements of air, fire, earth, and water, respectively, her true talents reveal themselves in every individual song’s musical stratosphere.

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Through and through, Vos glides over the songs effortlessly and with precision on each track’s messaging. English is similarly locked in, knowing when to match Vos’ emotions or juxtapose through a varied production palette.

“Glitter and Tears” is among one of the most notable examples, expressing sorrow atop a piano ballad that acts as one of the few mixups in the album’s concise production style. Contrastly, “Superglue” highlights the delicate vocals through the decrepit strings and bubbling bass underneath the digitized sea of noise.


While some albums wane over each passing track, Vos improves in real time. “The Wash” is a clear standout, where English appropriately washes the instrumental in 80s glitz mixed with modern day sensibilities. The bold usage of a trap beat compliments the soaring drones and adds to the consuming monsoon of sonic textures.

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That’s not to say the few opening tracks lack substance or quality, but there is an uphill curve as English’s production and Vos’ vocals lock into a focused pocket. Vos seems to agree, going as far as to say, “As I began a new chapter of my life, the writing that resulted was from a place of healing.” And when looking at the music video for the title track, the dancing under blue skies and spreading of her translucent wings aligns with the album’s gleaming luminosity.


Words: David Sosa

SUPERGLUE by Ella Vos is available on all streaming services. To find out when tickets to her upcoming tour go on sale, visit her on Instagram and her website.


May 9 * Seattle, WA * Sunset Tavern
May 11 * Vancouver, BC * Fox Cabaret
May 12 * Portland, OR * Mississippi Studios
May 23 * Santa Cruz, CA * The Catalyst – Atrium
May 24 * Sacramento, CA * Goldfield Trading Post
May 25 * Anaheim, CA * The Parish at HOB
May 27 * Pioneertown, CA * Pappy + Harriet’s

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