BodyImage Shares A Volatile New Single “HATE PARTY” (feat. DeathbyRomy)

bodyimage + deathbyromy

A deliciously volatile team-up is borne out of the collaboration between bodyimage and DeathbyRomy on the former’s newest single “HATE PARTY.” It comes as the latest release from the two rising artists, both of whom released new albums just last year. For bodyimage, it came in the form of their second record This Is Not An Album** while DeathbyRomy unveiled their sophomore release as well with Entropy. Since then they’ve continued their prolific trend of partnering with other artists to create cacophonous and raptly cathartic blends of rock and heady electronica. But their latest single kicks it up a lethal notch.


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With “HATE PARTY” the duo comes out swinging amidst brash sonics and shrieking vocals on the new track. Taking turns on the mic they switchfoot between droning bass and glitchy synths as they narrate their arrival to the kind of party designed to break you down into an explosive rage. One part hype anthem and two parts a dagger-sharp takedown, the track is the auditory equivalent of a meteoric explosion.

One that’s rapturously wrapped up in exacting revenge as it is burning it all down. “Sadly, madly, addicted to it badly,” DeathbyRomy coos on the track. “I came here to offend / I’m a threat tonight.” Against the track’s frayed noise and the duo’s impossible-to-resist, razor-edged swagger “HATE PARTY” is an eruption of emotion — one that’s as haunting as it is invigorating. The track’s outro even makes reference to a particularly fitting moment from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: quoting the titular character’s sultry words to a certain love interest vampire.


The music video for “HATE PARTY,” directed by Dylan Reyes, mingles the song’s nightmare-fuel atmosphere with a ghostly effect. Alongside the rest of their partygoers, bodyimage and DeathbyRomy appear alongside the white-face-painted clowns as they rage in the dark. Reyes even plays some parts backward to give their movements an even freakier effect. From its glitchy scene cuts, eerie black balloons, and their murderous devouring of the party’s cake (which bears the words “HATE PARTY” amidst its candles) the music video punctuates both bodyimage’s and DeathbyRomy’s love for creating enigmatic and unsettling visuals to go along with their bewitching music.

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See DeathbyRomy with The Used and Pierce The Veil at FivePoint Amphitheater on July 1.

Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “HATE PARTY” the new single from bodyimage and DeathbyRomy!

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