Donna Missal Announces Third Album “Revel,” Watch The Music Video For New Single “Out of Me”

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Donna Missal has announced the imminent arrival of her third album Revel with the release of her latest single and music video “Out of Me.” The new album represents her long-awaited return and the result of a painful but essential paradigm shift in the way she approaches creating and releasing music, as it will be her first self-released independent record. One that follows two incredible albums — This Time and Lighter — as well as last year’s in the mirror, in the night EP and the single “Flicker.”


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What bursts forth from “Out of Me” is a fiery dance track co-written with Swedish-American producer/songwriter Marcus Andersson. Against its pulsating rhythms and oscillating beats Missal’s ever-aglow vocals burn unapologetically, caught in the buoyant delirium of the track’s sonics. Leaning into the dance anthemics that her fortifying vocals have always felt at home in while also continuing to be as open and brutally honest about the true cost of finding triumph after facing down life’s lowest moments.

Caught in the vivacious ebb and flow of the song’s light-speed soundscape, it’s hard not to catch the pained longing still burning in her words. As on “Flicker,” Missal emerges as an artist vindicated in their newfound independence and far more wholly herself. Part of that unabashed expression is realized not just in the breakneck energy of her recent releases but also in her physical expression of them.


In the music video for “Out of Me,” directed by Sadie Wilking, Missal once again turns to her choreography to find the intense catharsis she’s often searching for. Shot entirely in black and white, the film doesn’t star the singer/songwriter as in the previously released “Flicker” video. Instead, it features dancers Alyssa Allen and Jordan Lang who’ve created an enigmatic piece of choreography to go along with the music. It’s not often you see such an elegant and graceful performance synced to such an electronica-throbbing dance track but the fusion is incredibly hypnotic. Caught in the blur and hidden in the shadowy contrasts of light, the two dancers capture all the intimacy and frenetic passion that’s ignited within “Out of Me.”

“Writing ‘Out of Me’ was about an acceptance of where I was, just to be that tired from that endless reaching feeling, I think I just needed to talk about wanting to stop,” Donna Missal explained. “I think that’s why movement has been such a cathartic thing to use for this album, from production to visuals.”

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Revel the new album from Donna Missal is out on Jun. 16, pre-order it here.

Visit Donna Missal on their website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Out of Me” the new single from Donna Missal below!

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