Big Freedia and Ciara are Buying Each Other’s Confidence on New Single “$100 Bill”

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Photo by Akasha Rabut

If it weren’t for New Orleans artist Big Freedia, pop music would not be what it is today. That’s why the present meets the present on her new single with singer Ciara, “$100 Bill,” which combines a traditional trap beat and the sensibilities of bounce music, a genre that is just as part of Freedia’s identity as she is to the genre.


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As if the song was made for the summertime, the two ride off good vibrations and keep matters light in the face of much-needed loosening up. Unapologetically confident and absolutely an anthem for her ongoing summer tour, Freedia reinstates her name as someone who continues to inspire the most prominent names working in music today and reassures she’s the only one who could give proper justice to bounce music.


Right when the sunbathed guitar comes in, “$100 Bill” demands to be danced to. Ciara is first up in a short and sweet appearance that leaves out anything bitter. The moment Freedia comes into the picture, it’s her show. Without a doubt, her presence is bigger than life and adds so much charisma to a track that, in someone else’s hands, would lack the reassuring feeling she brings. For good measure, the airhorn firing squadron takes things to another level, leaving a vivid visualization of a complete dance routine.

Big Freedia, the Queen Diva, might be feeling herself. But for her, “$100 Bill” is as much of a power move as it is an empowerment move. “’$100 Bill’ is about feelin’ like new money hot off the press! Big money,” she said when speaking on the song’s background. “Feelin’ fresh and extra fabulous, but mostly about feeling good in your own skin. Owning your walk, your talk, your scent, your ride, anything that makes you feel like your best self.”

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It might sound like Freedia is riding off the coattails of mainstream artists currently making dance music. But in reality, everyone is barely catching up to Freedia. And when everyone from Beyoncé to Drake has sampled your voice and music, why would you hide behind the curtain when the spotlight is right there?

Words: David Sosa


“$100 Bill” by Big Freedia featuring Ciara is out on all streaming services. Tickets to her US Tour, including an LA stop for RESET Festival at the Rose Bowl, are available now. For more on new music, follow Big Freedia on Instagram, Facebook, and her website.

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